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Birth control and progesterone

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

I woke up this morning and threw up. I've been sensitive to smells. My boobs hurt. I have weird cravings. Nope, I'm not pregnant again. I'm insane.

There is no possibility of my being pregnant. I am 12 days into this cycle. A cycle right after a miscarriage. I don't usually ovulate the cycle after a miscarriage, but stranger things have happened. Even if I did or do eventually ovulate this cycle, I wouldn't be pregnant yet.

It's all because I want to be pregnant. Not just that, but I know I can't get pregnant. Not for the next couple months at least. Which is fine, you gotta do what you gotta do. The problem lies is trying not to get pregnant. I don't really have all that much experience in that area. I could go on birth control, but insurance still hasn't kicked in yet and the idea of putting chemicals into my already chemically fried body isn't an option I'm too keen on. There's always condoms, but they get expensive after a while and neither the husband or I am very good at remembering to use them. We've always used the trusty withdrawal method, but that's risky and we were never really all the concerned with making sure we didn't get pregnant like we are now. And then there is the rhythm method which seems stupid to abstain from sex for a week if I may not ovulate anyway. So we need to figure something out apparently today.

I also need to do some research on over the counter progesterone. Got a letter stating my insurance starts June 1st. Which is fine, except I only get to keep in for 60 days after the miscarriage, which we dated May 7th. That's about a month of insurance, give or take. I'm not really sure how much testing and help we are going to be able to get in a month. So I may just have to go it alone. So I have to look into Progesterone. How much to take, when to take, where it get it, how much it costs, etc. Anyone with any knowledge, please comment or email me as this is a topic that I have absolutely no clue about.

Hopefully starting the diet on Monday, but we'll see.

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