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Posted Nov 09 2012 3:31pm

Yeah, that would be me right now.

My thyroid is a shitshow right now. Just got my TSH panel back from yesterday’s bloodwork and it’s officially the lowest it’s ever been: 0.09. Even though we like my TSH to be low, that’s not necessarily a good thing. In fact, it’s way too low. Remember how this summer, I felt like I was losing my mind a little bit ? Yeah, it’s all back with a vengeance – now with early pregnancy symptoms to boot! And, simultaneously exacerbating those symptoms as well. Good times, folks, good times.

For visual reference:

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: worst amusement park ride ever.

Symptoms include: spacing out, racing heart, feeling hot/cold when everyone around you feels the opposite, nausea (SO helpful right now), anxiety, depression, weight loss… Did I mention the anxiety, nausea and spacing out part? Sweet Jiminy crickets, you’d think I’ve been on meth this past week.

My TSH is so low, in fact, my PCP has asked me to stop taking ALL thyroid medications for four days and then to start taking half my weekly dose after the four-day break so I can give my thyroid a rest. Considering this is the first time I’ve ever taken a break from daily thyroid medications since I began taking them in 2002, I guess he’s a little concerned.

Which leaves me in Symptomatic Dosage Adjustment Limbo-Land. I will continue to remain a basketcase until my levels even out again. If I wasn’t pregnant, I would seriously consider talking about a thyroidectomy just so I can stop with all of this dosage adjustment bullshit. Unfortunately, it’s some pretty serious surgery that really isn’t recommended for Hashi patients.

As such, I can’t keep up with NaBloPoMo (you may have noticed the lack of posting this week) and I haven’t touched “ In Shambles ” since last Friday for NaNoWriMo. I have a lot of ground to cover this weekend (a minimum of about 12,000 words).

That said: in the spirit of catching up some ground in my NaNo novel, I’m taking your suggestions for scenes, lines, or plot elements to include in my novel. Always wanted to write a relationship novel set against the zombie apocalypse but never had the time? Here, let me do it for you :)

Just leave me your ideas for story or character development in the comments :)

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