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BabyCam Car - The Safe Way To Monitor Your Baby When Driving (Product Review)

Posted Jan 01 2012 12:00am

BabyCam Car I think I've just found one of my very favourite review products - BabyCam Car , a Storage Options baby monitoring system for use in the car (or home). It's a simple idea, but one which makes life so much easier for the parents of young babies and small children.

The product is made up of two parts: a little wireless camera and a little wireless screen! The camera is attached by a suction cup to a window in the rear of the car. The camera is then pointed at the child you wish to monitor and live video is transmitted to a small companion screen also attached by suction cup to your car windscreen - similar to satnav. This enables you to keep a close eye on your child whilst driving without the need to turn around and potentially lose control of your car in the process. The product has an automatic day and night function mode, both of which show extremely clear images of the child being watched. There is also a volume control wheel which can be used if necessary. The device is powered with built in rechargeable batteries and is easily charged via your vehicle's cigarette lighter. Each charge lasts around 4 hours.

On my first attempt at trying BabyCam Car I was naturally a little wary of the product in case it became distracting. However, I very quickly found that this wasn't the case. In fact, I actually found that when using BabyCam Car I tended to look at the camera only whilst sitting at traffic lights or when parked.

The reassurance this tiny device offers parents like me is incredible. As the mother of a newborn baby who sits in a rear facing seat I get anxious and somewhat distracted in my driving when she is crying, particularly if she gets herself in a state and I'm unable to pull over safely. BabyCam Car allows me to see instantly if my baby is only crying because her hat has slipped down over her eyes as is often the case or if something more serious is the problem. Alternatively, if she's being unusually quiet I can safely glance at the monitor to check she is actually still alive - admittedly a rather irrational need but one which I share with lots of other new mothers!

Another fabulous use for BabyCam Car, and one which I am looking forward to testing when my other children return to school next week, is that I will be reassured all is well with my baby whilst sitting in my car waiting for my children to get out of school without having to keep getting out to peer in the rear window to check on her!

Although I don't find the volume control necessary in the car, it is a great feature if used indoors as with a 100m range you can leave your baby sleeping in another room and still look and listen in without going into their room and potentially disturbing them. To use BabyCam Car indoors you need to buy a separate charger so you can power it up via your mains electricity supply. It would be good if this was included in the box as this is the only gripe I have with the product!

BabyCam Car costs around £100 depending on where you buy it and although this may appear expensive, speaking as a mum of 4 who has purchased several baby monitors over the years, I don't find the cost prohibitive at all. In fact, I feel it offers great value for money as it can be used both inside the house or inside the car and in the past I've paid almost that price for pretty basic systems that can only be used in the house.

BabyCam Car can be bought in a variety of outlets including Storage Options, Currys and Amazon. It would make a great baby gift for new parents and in fact if several people clubbed together, it would be a lot more useful than lots of smaller gifts!

Storage Options also offer alternative related products including BabyCam Nursery which is a nursery monitoring system and KidCam  which allows you to keep a closer eye on your older children. 

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