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Baby Kegel – or the possible side effects of Kegel Stickers

Posted Feb 13 2012 12:08pm

I was SO excited when my friend Nikki got pregnant.  There were so many reasons why it was so wonderful.

  • She had been wanting this for 7 years.
  • She was going to take my Hypnobabies Class
  • She was going to have a VBAC
  • She is just an awesome person and breastfeeding goddess (more on that in a later post.)
This is something else you need to know about Nikki’s other kids.
When I first met her the twins were 4, the triplets were 2 and she was pregnant.  She is amazing.
So 7 years later she was pregnant with number 7 and was in my class.

Kegel Stickers

I hand out Kegel Stickers in class 2 when we talk about exercises.  My students stick their stickers around their house and in their car to remind them to do their Kegels.
Well, Nikki was expecting another boy and all her boys start with the letter K.  So when her kids found these stickers they got so excited that Nikki had found a name for the baby.  He was going to be named Kegel!  
Surprisingly, while that is a unique K name, Nikki decided to go a different route.
Nikki has already had Baby K. and I will share her breastfeeding amazingness in another post.
If you want to learn a VERY  interesting fact about me and learn more about Nikki then you can read about it over on our mutual friend Brittany’s blog !
I have the best “job” ever.  I get to help my friends prepare for their babies births!
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