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baby bunching lifesaver: the white noise machine

Posted Jan 14 2009 6:02pm

The white noise machine is my new best friend.  Yesterday I realized I had reached a new low when I found myself comparing my white noise machine to that of one of my girlfriends, commenting that hers was better because it was louder.  Really?

With my first two children, I scoffed at friends with darkening shades and white noise machines, claiming that my children slept just as well as theirs and could sleep anywhere, anytime, without special conditions,  The first part wasn't necessarily true, but the "special conditions" part was.  And for the most part, they could.  Because it was freaking quiet.  Baby #1 had the luxury of silence when he was resting and #2 had the luxury of a mom that could keep #2 quietly entertained while he slept.

Baby #3 has two really noisy older brothers and a mom who is outnumbered by them.  He also has, unfortunately for him, light and sound sensitivity issues.  A winning combination, all around.

Enter the white noise machine.

This precious machine, in combination with darkening shades, a pacifier, and a soft lovey named Lamby have made it possible for my child to sleep.  At first in short stretches and now in longer stretches.  And at my friend's house yesterday, it allowed the child to sleep for almost THREE HOURS, despite the fact that there were 10 (yep, count 'em), TEN other children playing in the same house.  I love you, white noise machine.

So those of you Bunchers with sleeping issues, don't be a white noise machine martyr like I was.  Take thee to a Target immediately and get one.  It looks like this.  Better yet, get this one.  It's louder.

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