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Babies Feeding Babies

Posted Sep 01 2009 3:49pm
When Kaylee and Jocelyn were babies, I monitored what they ate very closely. I started foods when the doctor told me too. I made sure they ate a new food three days in a row to check for allergies. They didn't anything hard/solid until they were approved by the doctor. I, in essence, followed the rules.

I planned on doing the same with Lorelei. I tried to do the same with Lorelei. I failed, but it's not really my fault. Okay, it's my fault. But not completely.

Lorelei wanted nothing to do with cereal. She still doesn't. She hates it and I don't blame her. Rice cereal? Gag. I'd imagine it has to taste like chunky formula and who wants that? Oatmeal? Same reaction, although it probably tastes a little better. Adults eat it. Not this adult, but many others do.

She finally came around to eating baby applesauce at 5 1/2 months. Since then she's been trucking along trying all the fruits and vegetables. She now likes her baby food. Usually. She'll even eat some meat as long as it's mixed with vegetables.

I bought some Cheerios, excited by the prospect of having my tiniest baby start feeding herself. I needed to clean the high chair tray before she could sit in it, so I planned on waiting a day before giving her some. Hours later I find her playing on the floor, chewing on a Cheerio. Jocelyn decided to share and sprinkled some around her. I cleaned up the mess and took the Cheerios away since babies should not eat their first real solid food while lying on their stomachs in my bedroom. Neither child was pleased.

Fast forward a week and the story is the same, except this time it's a crushed up Special K breakfast bar. A few days later, penne pasta with tomato sauce.

I don't know how this keeps on happening. No, that's not true. I totally know how this is happening. Jocelyn is one of those kids who loves to help. She saw me give Lorelei a heel of bread when she was being particularly fussy at a restaurant. So she now assumes that Lorelei can eat real food and is "helping" me by feeding the baby.

I should be keeping a better eye on Jocelyn when she is eating to watch what she's doing with her food, but it's hard. She's always been a good eater. She's always eaten without causing a huge mess. She uses her utensils 90% of the time. She's been eating at a table and not in a high chair for months now. I forget she's not older and doesn't understand.

This whole 2 kids under 2 years old thing is tricky sometimes.
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