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At the car wash....yeah!

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:53am
It looks like we had great timing this cycle. We paid attention to all of Holly's fertile signs and I believe we may have done it this time! Holly received a very nice temp rise this morning which means she ovulated yesterday!

Last night was our last trip to Tampa. As we were waiting for our donor to show, we started to notice a lot of police officers driving around the parking lot we were in. I got really nervous. Thinking it would be our luck that this would be the moment we would get caught. So we decided that once our donor hands the stuff off to us, we would go through the drive thru car wash and do the deed while the car is being washed.

As we were pulling up to the car wash, Holly turned upside down in her seat. When I got to the pay station I noticed the car wash only accepted cash or a pay code - both of which I did not have. So we pulled into the car wash bay and did the deed there. Yes, I realize this made us stick out like a sore thumb. Sitting in a car wash bay without the car wash going.

Well we didn't get caught! Oh and the syringe/catheter thingie worked this time! So you see, it all worked out great. No arrests, no syringe/catheter malfunction, no temp drops this morning. It seems to all be falling into place.

Now we wait. Only 14 days till BFP!
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