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At 9am on Febuary 15, 2009

Posted Feb 15 2010 12:00am

Exactly 1 year ago, at 9am on 2/15 a team of fetal surgeons made a small incision into my belly and guided a scope through my uterus, using it to cauterize 11 blood vessels in the placenta that were thought to cause the blood transfusion between the babies. Without this surgery, neither Liana nor Amaya would be alive today.

If they hadn't been able to reach the placenta or laser the connecting blood vessels, they would have cut Liana's umbilical cord to giver her sister a chance at survival. I can't even think about that ...

They also took actual live pictures of the girls inside the womb. I never got to post those last year. Here are a few. I was 18w6d pregnant. The girls each would have weighed about 100grams - less than 4oz.

Liana's toes.
Liana's right hand.
Amaya touching her face.
Amaya's legs.

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