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Ask Jamie: Weaning and Bedrest with IVF

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:13pm
MissMVK asks:
1) Did you have to wean Bo before cycling?
2) I am assuming you did bedrest after transfer. How many days and how did you do it with a toddler running around?

Yes, I did wean Bo before cycling. This is not something I discussed with my RE but I just assumed that IVFmeds in my breastmilk would not be a good thing. I know what those hormones can do to me, so I can't imagine wanting to pass those on to Bo!! I was hyper anal about taking Tylenol during breastfeeding, so I definitely wasn't going to take IVFmeds...

Bo was breastfed until he was 1 year old. I fed him for the last time on his birthday and then exactly 1 week later started the birth control pills for this IVF cycle.

Despite exclusive breastfeeding, my cycles returned when Bo was 10 weeks old. My body was continuing to function and ovulate. I'm not one of those lucky ones who is able to avoid cycles during breastfeeding. I also think this had an impact as I did not have to wait for my cycles to return. My body was already regulating the hormones for normal cycles.

I did not technically do bedrest after transfer. I'm not the type who can just sit still in bed for two days. I think I would truly go crazy. I took it easy -- meaning I sat in a chair and did a lot of online work. And even though Mike was home, I still found myself picking up Bo, folding laundry, cooking, and doing general house stuff that I normally do.

I have a hard time with the concept of bedrest. "Normal" people have sex and go about their lives and still get pregnant. They don't even consider staying in bed for a few days to aid implantation. In my opinion, bedrest is a nice concept, but obviously not necessary.

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