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Ask Jamie: IVF Appointments, Babies, and Schedules

Posted Aug 27 2010 4:18am
Angela says,

"I have a 10 month old and will be trying IVF again in the next few months. My question is were you able to bring Bo to your appointments. I think I can get away with bringing my baby to the blood draws and sonograms but I will have to make other arrangements for the retrieval and transfer.

Also, I read that your girls go to bed at 6:30. I would love to get my boy to bed at that time and was wondering what their schedule is the rest of the day."

Congratulations on your son and good luck as you start the IVF process again.  I started medication for the cycle that brought us the girls exactly one week after Bo turned 1 so I completely understand how you feel.

For numerous reasons, I would do everything you can to avoid taking your son to your IVF appointments.  This is to preserve your own sanity and the sanity of others you're sure to encounter in the office.

We did take Bo to our initial consult for the girls' cycle.  However, it was an afternoon appointment and I felt confident that there would be no one there for monitoring or bloodwork as our clinic only offers those appointments in the morning.  I feel strongly that babies and children shouldn't be at the RE unless there are no other options.  I honestly did not deal well with babies and small children during my initial IVF process and I have never wanted to make another feel the way I felt.  

For the one time that Bo did accompany me to the RE's office, both Mike and I were there and Bo was squirmy and active making it difficult to focus on the appointment and take care of him.  From that point on, I knew that taking Bo with to the appointments was a bad idea.  Besides the two hour drive (each way) to get to my clinic, I am not sure how I would have occupied him during the wait time, etc.  Also, during the appointment I was incapacitated (needles and wands) and wouldn't have been able to keep him under control as Mike did not accompany me to many of my appointments.  I think IVF is a process where you need to focus on yourself and having that bit of time away from your son will help you to be more relaxed (not that I think that helps you become pregnant....) and better able to deal with the appointments. 

There is no way I would have been able to bring Bo to the retrieval and transfer.  Besides logistical issues - Mike went to collect while I was undergoing retrieval - who would watch Bo? and I needed time for the anesthesia to wear off from the retrieval before I could have cared for Bo.  Both procedures were drawn out with quite a bit of wait time.  I also think the nurses would have greatly frowned on having a toddler in the pre-op area with other patients.

To answer your other question, yes, the girls' bedtime is 6:45 each evening and by that point they are always ready and we rarely have any fussing.  Their typical day at 10 months old is outlined below:

7:30 Wake, Nurse
8:00 Breakfast - usually oatmeal and applesauce
8:30 dressed
10:00 Nap 
11:30 Wake, Nurse
12:00 Lunch - YoBaby yogurt, veggie puree
2:00 Nap
3:30 Wake
4:30 Nurse, Dinner - fruit puree, small bited sized pieces of cooked veggie, some of our dinner if it is appropriate, Cliff bar or Kashi cereal bar
5:30 Bath/PJs
6:30 Sleepsacks
6:45 Bedtime

What are your thoughts on babies in the RE's office?  Did your child(ren) accompany you to appointments?  

What is your child's bedtime?  Does it work for you?

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