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Ask Jamie: Baby Names

Posted Mar 03 2009 4:14pm
Anonymous asks:
Have you started thinking about baby names??

Yes, I've been thinking of names since I was 9!! :) Probably even earlier. I've loved a variety of names over the years -- Kordell, Kendall, Kerrigan, Addison, Clark, etc. But when we finally became serious about getting pregnant, Mike and I figured out all of the names we really liked before our first IVF cycle and decided to go with names with meaning and with a history in our family. Not much has changed since that initial name discussion that took place over 4 years ago! I even planned for the possibility of twins. Infertility and IVF do that to a girl....

Plus, I've had a fascination with twins my entire life. When I was little, I had twin troll dolls -- one boy, one girl -- named Michael and Michelle. Just like I've always thought I would be infertile (for no good reason), I've also always thought I would have twins and I've written about this several times on the password protected blog.

Well, as it turns out, my "sixth sense" was right again -- and I am pregnant with twins. Luckily, I'm prepared with a variety of name combinations. :)

Two Boys

Anderson James "A.J." - Anderson is Mike's mom's maiden name. James is Mike's dad's name and Mike's middle name.

Owen Philip - Owen is Mike's best friend's name. Philip is my Grandpa's father's name and my mom was named after him - her real first name is Phylis even though she goes by Cindy (the name of the family dog).

One Boy - One Girl

Anderson James "A.J."

Clara Jane (I think I will call her Clara, but she can go by "C.J." as well) - Clara is Mike's maternal grandmother's name. Mary Jane is Mike's paternal grandmother's name. Jane is also the name of my favorite high school teacher and one of Mike's aunts.

Two Girls

Clara Jane

Anna James - Anna is my grandpa's mom's name. James is decribed above.


Addison Jae - I always thought that my first pregnancy (ectopic) was a girl and associated this name with that -- however, it is still a name I really like. Addison is after the street that Wrigley Field is on. Jae, is a take on my name. Addison Jamie just sounds odd to me.

What are your thoughts on my name selections? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Do you think my child will be teased forever? Do you prefer Anna or Addison? Feel free to share your opinions (good and bad) in the comments below.

Friday's Feature at Sticky Feet Part Deux is Ask Jamie. Feel free to email me or leave a comment with any question you would like for me to answer. Anything is fair game!

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