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Ask Jamie: Baby Carriers and Pacis

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:56am
JJ asks:
Mook got me this ( Mei Tai Wrap ) for Christmas. I saw that you had one on your list of essentials for baby's first year. When did you start putting Bo in it? I'm a bit intimidated by it since it's all ties and I'm afraid I'm going to put him in there wrong--but I'm at the point where I need a carrier during the day!

Also, what are your thoughts on the paci for sids? Oliver really doesn't "need" it...he's not fussy. So I'm worried if I introduce it, I'll be creating a monster, BUT I don't want to start worrying about SIDS obsessively either. He's been in his crib in his room since day one--we have a pack n play in our room, but I just use that for naps/changing. We do have a monitor...

The Mei Tai's are great! Bo was probably 3 months old before I received mine but you can definitely put Baby Oliver in it now. You may want to try a few times with a teddy bear or something first and definitely have Mook help you the first few times. At this point, you'll want to put him in facing you. At least until he can really hold his head up well. They work great for being able to have your hands free to type, unload the dishwasher, etc. I tried several carriers including a sling and the Bjiorn and liked the Mei Tai best. Even better, it rolls up and fits in your diaper bag!

As far as the paci situation, Bo did not seem to want the paci for the first few weeks either and we initially did not plan to give him one. For many reasons, we eventually decided to give it to him and after several failed attempts, he latched on to it. He still uses it for naps and night.

Honestly, it's a lifesaver. I really think it is the reason Bo sleeps so well and has had such good sleep habits. (Usually 7 pm to 8 am -- without fussing at all since 5 months -- before that he would get up once at night to eat -- usually around 2 am). Granted, I haven't tried to break him of the habit yet, and it may be a different story then, but I will take full nights of sleep for paci use any day!

I do agree with the SIDS thoughts as well. As you know, I'm an excessive worrier but we put Bo in his own room, own crib, from day one. We had a monitor but I felt better since he was using the paci too. I also talked to our dentist about it and she said there is nothing to worry about teeth wise until they are at least 3 or 4. So I thought that was good to know.

What are your opinions on carriers and pacis to pass on to JJ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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