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As normal as Birth

Posted Feb 20 2009 7:22pm

As normal as breathing, as normal as a birthday celebration, as the 1st day of kindergarten, as a 1st kiss or a 10 year anniversary.

We made the acquaintance of some people from the Netherlands and the subject of midwives came up.

"You know, homebirth is a normal thing to do in the Netherlands"

Sigh...yes I know and normal in the UK, in Norway, in Denmark, in New Zealand, in Canada etc..

In fact we rented out house to two couples from Europe on two separate occasions who had told the story of how it was the middle of winter and no one wanted to go out to midwives car to get the birth stool because it was too cold. She spoke of how when someone finally got the chilled stool for her, the cold felt delicious because she was so heated up from labor.

Sigh...I am completely jealous of that midwife, that is most likely the least of her worries. Too cold to get the birth stool. She doesn't have to worry about the AMA, or physician supervision, or prosecution or client base.

A completely normal option for low risk women.

To be in a place where birth is considered a normal function of life...sigh...

I know that homebirth can be empowering and spectacular and transformational and spiritual and a gentle transition for the baby.

But for it to be just normal for families is an often overlooked thing.

Homebirth is completely normal, it is the most natural thing to occur for a family. I have said that to homebirthers and they sort of look at me strangely because here it is such a radical thing to do for many people.

My greatest wish if for everyone to have a normal birth, if it is empowering, transformational, beautiful, gentle, marathon like but rewarding...if it is any of these things great! But normal...yes, just plain normal for families would also be

well you know....fill in the word here ___________________

It should be normal for families to be the first ones to speak to, hold their child, and even be the first to touch their baby's head.

It should be normal for a woman to feel the physiologic urge to push, and push when ready not when she is deemed by someone "complete and ready to push"

It should be normal for children to witness their new family member emerging and to be in wonder, not fear about a new baby coming home from somewhere that they have no association with.

It should be normal for grandmothers mothers or to put a damp washcloth from her own bathroom against their granddaughter's /daughter's head and tell them that yes, this is hard and yes "you can do it."

It should be normal for a woman to vocalize in labor and not worry who is hearing through thin walls.

It should be normal for the mother to know everyone in her space and not worry about who will see her/hear her in such a vulnerable state.

Birth should be normal.
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