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Are you a closet reader? And what fertility really means.

Posted Apr 22 2013 10:09pm

by mnfadmin on April 22, 2013

I've a question.  Do you read my blog locked in your closet with the door shut – fearful somebody may catch you red handed and drop you into the  'infertile' basket?  If so – damn girlfriend!  But maybe, you're not alone.  Perhaps my message isn't getting through and what better time to revisit my vision than the present moment.  You see – my crusade is and has always been to deliver up to the minute information on wellness, women's health and fertility.  But lets revisit that F word.  It's nothing to shy away from.  Fertility doesn't equal babies.  Fertility of your body isn't any different to fertile soil.  It's the potential to make the babies, not the lack of ability to do so.

I received an email last week from a reader who confessed she read my blog behind closed doors.  My heart broke!  For me to think that people were afraid to 'like' my information or scared to share my posts made my heart sink a little.  This information isn't just about how to get your body ready for babies.  It's about how to be the best version of yourself.  How to have a rockin' menstrual cycle, how to avoid illness and how to be an awesome healthy woman with a ripper reproductive system.  Who doesn't want that?  

It dawned on me a little while ago, that the 'fertility' word could be turning away potential readers who really need to hear the unique information I share.  I realise, if you don't know me or my message, you'd quickly assume I'm here to talk about babies.  Of course, ultimately everything I share about leads to the ability to make little people.  But what if my message isn't getting out there because I'm not clear in articulating what I stand for?  What happens if my message wasn't spreading because others were afraid of being judged for reading a site dedicated to fertility?

Again – I think I need your help.  To help me educate people as to what fertility actually means to me.  But I'm not just here making up the meaning.  The definition of fertility is:  The condition, quality or degree of being fertile.  See – I'm not alone!  Even the dictionary is on my side.  As with so much of our reproductive health, we've lost the connection of the true meaning on so many levels.  We've disconnected from ourselves so much so, we wonder why we have period pain or why our menstrual cycles are out of whack or why we are hormonal at certain times of the month because we are too busy to stop and observe.  You're a clever human being, I have no doubt.  You simply need to tune your station back into yourself to listen and understand the messages you're being told – for free!  No visit to the doctor or skype consult with me (yes I do offer those by the way), just back to basics, reconnection with the best person in your life – yourself!

So I'm going to ask you to be bold.  To share this information and the other things I write about – to own your fertility baby!  After all, we all benefit from living in a healthy community – imagine the possibilities!

Nat x 

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