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Appointments, appoinments, appointments ...

Posted Jun 30 2010 12:00am

Our return from Germany started what seems to be a 3 week marathon of doctor's and similar appointments for the girls. Let's see: On Monday, I took Liana to the ENT for a tube-surgery follow-up. Yesterday we were at the pediatrician with Amaya to follow-up on ther awful choking episode on the plane (more on that later). Today the girls have Early Intervention, and on Friday I'm taking Liana to Children's for her neurology follow-up.
Then Amaya has a barium-swallow study and a visit to the GI doc, Liana has her repeat hearing test at Children's, both girls have a lengthy eye appointment and PT coming up. Did I miss anything?

For being overall relatively healthy preemies, these girls sure have a lot of appointments! I'm usually quite thankful that everybody seems to take extra care in following them closely and getting things checked out where preemies could have problems (such as vision and hearing) ... but I actually had to cancel my own dentist appointment because there was just no way to fit it all in!

About Amaya's choking epsidoe, however: We discussed it again with the pediatrician yesterday and she definitely shared our concern. I have been dealing with her severe reflux issues all her life, and even though her episodes were always super scary, I have become quite skilled at suctioning her and helping her clear her airways. The last couple of really bad episodes she had, (the one on the plane being by far the worst), however, I wasn't so sure that I could get her to start breathing again - and that was super scary. Plus, I'm becoming increasingly hesitant leaving her with anyone else ... :( The pedi totally got all that and seems really committed in helping us find out what is going on. First, she's going to have said barium swallow-study next week (where they'll check for anatomical blockages or abnormalities causing her vomiting), and then a few weeks later, she'll have a consult with a pediatric GI doctor. We're still hopeful that this is just something that she will grow out of as she gets older ... but until then, we'll have to get her checked out.

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