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Another trip to the ER (this time for me)

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:31pm
I have a bad case mastitis. Freakin' fabulous. I noticed my right breast feeling kind of tender and swollen this afternoon, and I thought Amaya just hadn't nursed well. I was going to wait until the next feeding, but when I still felt that way after I nursed, I decided to pump the breast empty. As soon as I'd done that, I started feeling really ill ... my body ached all over, I had the chills, and just felt really wobbly on my feet. About a half hour after that, the fever started and shortly after that, my breast started getting red. Thankfully, I had just read about the mastitis of an online friend and knew not to mess with it. I called the after-hours service of my clinic, who sent me to the ER. The Urgent Care in town had just closed, so I had to make the 30 minute treck back to the ER were Amaya was seen 2 weeks ago.
When they were checking me in and the nurse put that hospital band on my wrist, it was such a deja-vu! I don't know how many stupid bands like that I have gotten over the course of my nightmare pregnancy ... and somehow I am really over hospitals and annoying health problems.
The ER doc gave me some antibiotics and pain killers, and thought I should be feeling better by tomorrow. She was a little concerned about my relatively high fever, so let's just hope it's really just from a bad case of Mastitis and nothing else.
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