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Another milestone

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
Yesterday marked 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant - that officially makes this pregnancy longer than pregnancies #3 & 4. These pregnancies were each 5 weeks long and had low and non doubling betas.

Today, I am celebrating the little things.


In other news: I had my Progesterone and Estrogen levels retested today and they look great!

Estrogen: they want the level to be > 300; after cutting my dose in half my estrogen level is 739! (appropriately down from Friday's 799).
Progesterone: they want the level to be >6; after cutting my dose by 1/3 my level is 31.4! (appropriately down from Friday's 34.5).

It looks like my weaning schedule will happen a lot earlier than anticipated. The nurse suggested that starting this coming Wednesday I should NOT use any more estrogen patches and cut it down to 1 Endometrin a day. This news was shocking to me, so this is when I asked her if they would be monitoring me? She of course said we'd do a repeat hormone level test on Friday and if all looked good, I'd be off estrogen patches entirely and would stay on 1 Endometrin /day until 8-10w when the placenta is supposed to take over progesterone support. I then asked her if we would be doing any further monitoring of these levels, you know like beyond this Friday? And she said NO! She indicated that they see higher levels like mine in FRESH IVF's rather than in FROZEN cycles ( ahhhh, so that explains it!) ... and that some people (like me) just don't need hormone support ... huh??) ... I of course protested and asked her if everything would be ok if we weren't obsessively monitoring things? And she responded by saying "We do this ... ALL.THE.TIME, we know what we are doing." ... Of course she affirmed my fears but I thought it was funny that here I was arguing with the experts ... as if I'd been asked by a Stanford REI doctor to lecture to his fellows or something!

Anyway, all is good for now. This experience has been overwhelming; I keep trying to take one day at a time. When I'm not looking for the other shoe to drop, I work towards trying to accept that ... today, I am pregnant.

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