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and my bunch bickers on

Posted Feb 05 2010 10:28am

As I'm unloading the dishwasher this morningthis is what I hear.

Child #1: I got the green cup.

Child #2: So.

Child #1: Isn't green your favorite color?

Child #2: So what.

Child #1: Ha ha.

Child #2: Bootie.

Child #1: MomAlex called me bootie!

Child #2: Schmootie. Tootie. Bootie. Frutti. WellI have more cereal than you do.

Mom: Noeveryone has the same cereal. Please no more names. Please eat your breakfast so we can get ready for school.

Child #1: NoAlex does have more than me. Boo hoo! That's not fair.

Child #2 get ups and does a crazy psycho dance in front of sister then flicks her. Child #1 pinches him back. Child #2 slugs his sister. She cries.

Take this scenario and put it:

--in front of the sink while brushing teeth/washing hands.

--in the bath (this is why my kids no longer bathe together)

--in the car. (my personal favorite!)

--at lunch

--at dinner

--while reading a story.

This is my day. Every day. They are now 4 1/2 and 5 1/2.

I know every sibling duo/trio does thisbut when I was 5 my brother was only 2 so the dynamics were different. I'm predicting manymany more years of this. I've decided another side effect to Baby Bunching is elongated periods of sibling nonsense. My only consolation is that hopefully they outgrow it togethertoo.

I'm about to lose my mind. We've tried taking away marbleslosing privilegestimeouts1-2-3 Magicseparating them even threatening to leave by the side of the road for another family to pick up. The bickering goes on and on all day--most often at the table and in the car (where I can't run away). Just when I think I have it fixed it resurfaces. Fighting I can orchestratesometimes. But the constant back and forth is wearing me downand I'm running out of creative ideas to end it or keep it from starting.

I'm taking any and all suggestions from others who are suffering this stage as well.

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