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An interview with Gerald Quiggley. And a giveaway!

Posted Nov 11 2012 4:34pm

Firstly – hello from my new look site!  What do you think?  I'd love to know!  Anyway, back to wellness….

A little while ago, I was given some Prospan to try.  If you are unfamiliar with it – take a look here .  It's an ace product for coughs and made with all natural ingredients.  I'm super fussy with the treatments I use with my family, I approach all medicines with great caution simply because I like to use natural products.  Prospan delivered – it's also sugar free, gluten free and alcohol free and can be used for children.  Gerald Quiggley and his products seemed to keep popping onto my radar.  Several times his name and company Bio Revive had come up in conversation, and so, I thought I'd take the opportunity to pick his brain, after all, there aren't too many people with a philosophy like his.  

Gerald Quiggley, Community Pharmacist, and qualified Herbalist.

What made you step into holistic medicine given your traditional pharmacy background?

I moved to ‘the other side’ when I continued to see the same patients, with the same health conditions, taking the same potent drugs. The windmill effect dazzled me. The prescriber was making money, I was making money, and the patient never changed – often getting even more drugs to add to their list. I was convinced then, some 35 years ago that empowerment of the patient was the most important aspect of staying well, being well and getting well.

How did (or do) your pharmacy colleagues react?

I have never worn the same colour socks as the majority of illness (not wellness) focused members of both the medical and pharmacy professions. I don’t actually give a toss about their feelings – I want to help the patient who usually starts off having been their patients.

Do you ever find it difficult straddling the divide between traditional and herbal medicine?

Never… the patient embraces wellness of they are given the option. There must be a place for a drug to treat high blood pressure, BUT there also has to be a role in minimising the elevation of that blood pressure. Things like advice on food choices, exercise options, fluid intake, stress adaptation and a sense of self makes an enormous difference.

What are the most common ailments you're asked about and what are your recommendations?

When I look back through the over 9000 emails and replies I have on file, inflammation is the most common.  That applies to on-air callers as well.  Season issues like coughs, sinus issues and immune function are common too. For parents of small children teething and coughs and colds are the most common issues.  In ‘grown ups’ it’s all about pain management of arthritis.  All these complaints can be managed, at least initially, with more natural treatments and lifestyle choices.

Do you think there's broader acceptance of the benefit of more natural medicines given the TGA's stance on cough medicines for children?

Yes, I think if the TGA is concerned about the over-use of cough medicines and takes action then the broader community understands there is a good reason for this. Coughs in young children should still be treated though, as their cough reflexes are immature. Try asking your Mum what HER Mum gave her when she had a cough: honey in warm water, a ‘poultice’ on your chest, keeping warm. Thicker, gentler herbal cough mixtures are, and always were, a far better option.  Prospan Infant Drops use Ivy Leaf extract that has been used effectively to treat coughs for years. 

We have stormed into heavy medications about altering a perfectly natural function which is called a cough. You can disguise it any way you want, but it’s still a cough – and my responsibility as a health professional is to do no harm, then alleviate/help/support/soothe that natural mechanism allowing muck in the respiratory tract to be brought up the mucous ladder and expelled.

What are your top five lifestyle tips for good health?

  • Smile every day, no matter how you feel
  • Be aware of others around you, and he happy about how they are
  • Make sensible food choices (but play up now and again)
  • Drink water
  • Take a walk for 30 minutes every day, preferably near water.

Bio Revive have also given us 10 boxes of Prospan to trial.  I don't plan on being THAT sick, so I'd love for you to have the chance to give it a whirl.  For your chance to road test, simply tell us in the comments below why you enjoy using natural treatments. The winners will be announced and notified Monday 19th of November.

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