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An exciting Saturday!

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Ok, so I heard from a couple of people (my wonderful husband and sister) that yesterday's post was too boring - I think Adam actually said, "No one cares about what we're doing - it's supposed to be about the baby." Got it. So I have baby news!

We were at my mom's yesterday celebrating her 65th birthday (Feb.8th - Happy Birthday Mom!) and two very amazing things happened:
1) My brother Neale, who lives in Germany (he's been playing hockey there), flew home for a long weekend to surprise my mom for her birthday. We were getting dinner ready and all of a sudden I hear this voice that I can't place - I look up and there he is, laughing at the look on our faces. What an amazing surprise for everyone - we miss him a lot!

2) This is the baby part: Adam and I got to feel baby girl Brown kick! Jenna ate some chocolate (to get the baby hyped up on sugar) and then lay down to see if she could get her to move around. Adam and I took turns putting our hand on Jenna's belly (well actually, we were pressing down pretty hard on her belly like we were trying to feel her spine through her stomach) and we each got to feel a little kick/punch. It was the coolest thing. And of course after we both got a little poke, she stopped. Just saying hi to her mom and dad : )

So that's it. Oh, except that the stroller woes have come to a close. We got a great deal on a stroller through a distributor (a Rock Star baby stroller for those who care) from craigs.list and it's completely assembled in our dining room at the moment. We had to take our first stroller back as we couldn't get a car seat adaptor for it (and from every experience mom I've talked to, having a car seat that snaps into the stroller is KEY).

I'm off to Chicago today for a few days so there probably won't be much to say. I'll update on more baby stuff when I'm back!
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