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am i still pregnant?

Posted by rachael

hi my name is rachael and i am 22 years old my partner and i have been trying for a baby for 2 years in the 2 years i found out i have pcos and the doc said i dont ovulate so he put me on clomid, i was due to take my third months worth and i found out i was pregnant(i did two tests by clear blue and both wer positive) a day or so after i found out i started spotting so i then made an appointment to see my doctor before it got worse the doc did another test and it came back negative so the doc sent me away with no further tests or anything he assumed that i had an early miscariage, i then came home from the docs and because i wasnt satisfied with the result i bought another test and yet again it came back positive, but later that day i started bleeding as though i was on a period i am still bleeding like this, i have never been pregnant before and am very confused have i miscarried or could i still be pregnant if i am still pregnant the bleeding is quite worrying but dont no who to go to for help as my doc didnt help me he only made me feel humiliated please help im scared!!
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It sounds like (just my opinion mind you) that you have what is considered to be a "chemical pregnancy"- meaning fertilization but an issue with implantation.  The biggest sign for me in saything this is because:

1)you are on your third cycle of clomid (which does in fact have a cumalative effect with consecutive use).  This happens most often when aid to conception is used.

2) had positive HPT's (those early tests are made to pick up low levels of HcG whereas a doctors office will usually have a beta level that they consider to be positive, it really depends on the office- mine is a level of 30 at or around 15 DPO- for others it can be as low as 5).

3)Your period coming at about the time it should have. Your doctor can't do anything about a miscarriage that early, and absolutely nothing about a chemical.

All I can tell you is to wait after the bleed is done (unless of course there is unusual pain associated  with your bleeding) then try another HPT. Then go from there.  Remember also that your doctor is basically under your employ.  You (either individually or through insurance) are the one that is paying him- if he doesn't act in your best interest or makes you feel stupid for being concerned about a legitimate issue then find another doctor.

 Just a couple of questions for you: 

1) what dosage of Clomid are you on? Which cycle days are you taking the clomid on (3-7, 4-8, or 5-9)? Has the dosage increased since your first cycle or stayed the same? Are you using some sort of ovulation detection (temping/charting, Ovulation Scope, Ovulation Predictor Kits, Ovuwatch, etc) to show that you are responding to the clomid?

2) Are you being monitored while on clomid? The reason I ask is because ovuation stimulation medications can also develop ovarian cycsts (which with PCOS you are prone to anyway).

the doctor didnt advise me to buy an ovulation predictor test but i was due on this third month 2 go to the docs for a blood test to see if the clomid was working. i was also a week late for my period wich prompted me to take the hpt, i worked it out that i would be on my 6th week now, my friend has also just found out that she is pregnant and has been referred straight 2 a midwife yet she has never been pregnant before and hasnt had the pregnancy confirmed by anyone "proffesional" why did that not happen at my doctors if that had happened then i probably wouldnt have this confusion, i am going to take ure advice and retest when the bleeding stops luckily im not bleeding as heavy now so im just keeping my fingers crossed as i still feel pregnant thank u for ure advice it really has helped
hi and thank u for all your advice but i did a hpt this morning and it came back negative so it looks like u wer right about the chemical pregnancy. my partner and i have discussed what we should do now and we are going to continue to try for a baby and hope we have better luck next time
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