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Am I Pregnant?

Posted by Bella0916

So, I'm 20 years old and I'm on Ortho Evra (the patch). Well, my fiance and I have had sex quite a bit lately and we almost always use a condem. The day after we did on the 9th, I had light spotting and I was only on my second patch. I've been on it since February and have never had sptting  before. The next day, the 11th, I had spotting and this thick brown discharge. For almost two weeks after that everything in my lower abdomen area fet wierd. It felt like I was being poked by a really dull pin from the inside. Then it just felt like things were moving. The best way I can describe it was that it felt weird and I had dull pain. Aside from that, my symptoms have been: frequent urination, unusual fatigue, some nausia, I've been moody, I get the munchies alot. Lol. Anyway, the last five days or so, my symptoms have gone away except for the frequent urination and the unusual fatigue. This has been going on since the 10th of June. And I can't remember if we had sex before that. The strangest thing is though, usually when I start my second patch, my boobs are so sore that you can't touch them. Even wearing a bra hurts. That always happens about two weeks before I'm supposed to get my period. Not this months, my boobs don't hurt at all. Which is weird for me. Now I don't know what to think because yesterday, I went to the bathroom and had a little heavier spotting, I get up this morning to nothing. Then I went to the bathroom about 12:30 this afternoon before I left for my 2pm class and I was bleeding again. When I got to school, it was almost like my regular period. I haven't taken a pregnancytest because I wanted to wait and see if I got my period, and now I'm not sure if its just getting off to a slow start or what.  I'm so confused and I have no idea what to think!!! What is going on with me? Am I pregnant? Or just paranoid?
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As far as the patch... is that an progesterone only patch?
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