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Am I pregnant?

Posted by unsuregirl

I had unprotected (used withdrawal) sex last February 21 and 23, then just this March 5.  My boyfriend is confident I am not pregnant because he is in perfect control of his ejaculation. While I do trust and want to believe him, I do know however that withdrawal is not that reliable. And so now I'm considering that pregnancy is a reason why I am delayed despite him being so calm about it.

There was also this one time but I can't remember the date, but we had condom then. My last period was February 10. I am supposed to have my period this March 7. My cycle is usually 26 days apart. Now I'm 3-4 days late and I'm worried I might be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test yesterday but it was negative (the PT says it can detect up to 25miu of HCG). 

My breasts feel sore, and I'm having back aches. I have scanty, lotion like white discharge. I'm terrified I might be pregnant despite the pregnancy test. Did I take it too early to be accurate? Also, I'm not sure what a spotting looks like but 2-3 days prior my period, there's yellow-brown stains in  my underwear and I remember it feeling like water thin. I didn't pay it much attention, because then it might be my period already but as of right now, it still hasn't came. Could that be implantation bleeding?

I'm considering a lot of options why I could be delayed-- I am underweight is one, although I am stressed, I don't think I am that stressed to delay my period. I've read about low progesterone level, could that be the case?

 Any light on this would be most helpful. 

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It's unclear whether you're pregnant or not. I know for First Response pregnancy tests, it can detect five days sooner than a missed period, or at least 2 weeks after intercourse. Even if the test came out negative, there is still a chance or pregnancy if ther person had intercourse in the two weeks prior to taking the test. 

To be sure, you could wait, and take another test, or have blood/urine tests done with your doctor. Until you absolutely sure you're not pregnant you shouldn't drink/smoke if you do those things.

You also might want to try different methods of contraception if you don't want to become pregnant. The withdrawl method has a failure rate of 7% if done perfectly, but typicall has a failure of 22%. The failure rate of 22% is attributed to the fact of pre-ejaculation that can occur during sex. Most men can't feel it, so they can't withdraw in time enough to avoid it.  

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