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am i pregnant? please help!

Posted by SlimMiddleton

Okay so please be patient cause i have a lot to say! So july 28th i had unprotected sex and i was ovulating, he said he didnt ejaculate but i've heard bout the "precum pregnancy". So auqust when it was time for my period, it was four days late but when it came it started out pink and brown. then the second day red and brown but i filled two pads per day. it lasted maybe three days but during the time i had became so dizzy i fell and then i vomited twice. i dont know if i just was suspecting to be pregnant that my body reacted as if i was pregnant or if i was just overheated. (i was at a waterpark in orlando] so i figured it was my period because i had VERY BAD cramps with it and no medicine seemed to help. thats why my mom thouqht i was preqnant. went to the hospital but it was neqative. so my normal cycle is 5-7 days with bad cramps and really heavy. but this month september, my period came 5 days late but when it came it was light pink and brown. the second day it was bright red and brown, the third day it was a little maroon and brown. i only filled a pad and a half each day and i had no blood clots or cramps at all like my normal cycle! i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which is a nerve and joint disease but my studies says it usually WORSENS during the cycle and cause bad cramps but thats not happening! im really freaking out because i dont know if this new diagnoses has helped my cycle from being so painful or if im pregnant and it was two early to detect it at the hospital!! please help ?
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There's a lot going on here, so let's try to make sense of it all. Firtsly, you were right, you can definitely become pregnant from pre-ejacualte fluid. It can contain sperm which can get you pregnant. It comes out in the course of sex, and the man may never notice. 


With that being said, there's a good chance you are not pregnant. If you have a period, you wouldn't be pregnant since menstration is the shedding of the lining of the uterus. If you're pregnant, it wouldn't shed, so there would be no period. However, some women experience bleeding when they're supposed to get their period, but that can be implantation bleeding and not an actual period.


How soon after having sex did you get the pregnancy test? Depending on the sensitivity of the test, it may or may not be really accurate. Pregnancy tests work by detecting the HCG in women. If the test is done too early, there may not be enough of the hormone to detect, which would give you a false negative. Usually they tell you to wait around 10-14 after the LAST time you had sex. I emphasize last because if you had sex after that then the test could come out negative even though you are pregnant. Assuming you didn't have sex after that, and the test was taken with the appropriate amount of time after intercourse, there's a good chance it's correct.


Now you did show some signs of being pregnant, but just because you get sick and feel a little off doesn't mean your pregnant. Those are symptoms of a lot of different things so that can't be the only indicator. Some women don't even feel sick when they are actually pregnant.


Concerning Fibromyalgia- while most women say the pain gets worse during their period, that doesn't mean it goes for everyone. Each person is unique so while the general may be true, there is no hard and fast rule that it applies to everyone. 



All in all you should try taking another pregnancy test. Assumimg the timing now works for you, you could take one and get areal accurate readings. You should also talk to your doctor if you're confused, or just want to be sure. They be able to explain what's going on with your body and set your midn at ease. Good luck!!  

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