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Am I pregnant? Please Help. I had unprotected sex exactly 4months ago? I am now having all the symptoms of pregnancy possible.

Posted by Marty

I took a urine and blood test at the doc.'s 2 days ago, nothing showed up as far as pregnancy but I have never experienced so many hormonal changes in my body all at once.  Symptoms:  Extreme Fatigue, nausea in mornings and after eating greasy foods, extreme dizziness, constipation like you wouldn't imagine(once every 4 days) even had yellow seedy stool at one point.  Getting up 3 times a night to urinate and urinate more frequently during the day.  Always tired no matter how much I sleep.  My breast are bigger-to where none of my bras fit anymore.  Sinus issues- I sneeze all the time.  I get leg cramps even when I am laying down.  My face has cleared up tremendously, but my eyes look so tired.  My belly is a little bigger, most pants don't fit in belly area.  What is going on?? could it be gallstones...... I really am out of it, someone please give advice, especially someone experienced or someone who knows or has heard of this?? oh and I have trouble breathing at times because my heart beats faster than usual.
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Have you had your thyroids check? This sounds like me before I got mine thyroids under control. Tell your doctor everything. Even if it seems insignificant. They might have all ready tested. However, if you all ready had them check have them check your hormones. You may be producing to much. Good luck!
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