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Am i pregnant? Or is my period coming? Plz i need answers asap! I had brown/pink/redish mucus discharge last week.

Posted by legend_killer000

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Hmmm it's hard to say. When women get pregnant, some report having a clear/milky white discharge at the beginning of their pregnancy. 


To answer the question of pregnanct there's a couple of things you should consider. When you had intercourse, did you use and form of contraception? If you did, the chance of you becoming pregnanct has signifcantly decreased, even though it does not elminate it.  

If you've missed a period, it could be a sign of pregnancy, but it could also be from a number of things. Did you take a pregnancy test? If you took a test, the result is pretty accurate. This all assumes that you've taken the test correctly, ad have followed all the details of the instructions. 

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