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Am I pregnant? I have tons of symptoms and egg white discharge?

Posted by Krystal94558

I have an irregular cycle, but I am later than usual this time and I have some symptoms. My breasts are sore, I feel bloated, I have had cramps for 2 weeks now, very sleepy and moody. I have noticed a huge increase of egg white discharge (clear stretchy with a small amount of milky stuff mixed in) and today I had a massive glob of it when I used the restroom. I had sex on the 2nd and 4th with no protection (I am trying to get pregnant), and I had a negative test on the 17th. Today is the 27th, and I am planning to go to the doctor Monday to get a blood test to see what's up.

I guess I am just curious if this sounds like usual pregnancy symptoms. I have had the egg white discharge before, but never in that huge quantity and I don't understand why I have been getting tons of it for the last couple weeks along with these symptoms. Did I take the home pregnancy test too early?

Thanks for your help. :0)

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Eggwhite discharge is a sign of pending ovulation and being in your fertile window more than of pregnancy.  It should also be noted that the rapid rise of progesterone will cause exactly the same symptoms as early pregnancy.


Are you tracking your ovulation?  what method are you using?

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