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Am i pregnant, and how soon can i take a pregnancy test ?

Posted by ABC

i had a contraceptive implant in my arm for about 2 years, i had it taken out on the 26th of nov 09, and had sex with my boyfriend and came on my period for a week str8 after. i have had sex about 6-7 times since then unprotected and my period is due exacly a week to day (21st dec 09). For the past week i havnt been my self, i feel sick all day without actually being sick, sometimes it last from morning to nite, someimes it last from morning skips afternoon and starts again in the nites and sometimes its just in the nites or in the mornings. my nipples soo sour when i put my bra on it felt like my nipples were buring, and my left boob has really began to hurt and feel brused. iv lost my appetite alot, the smell of some foods makes me wanna be sick, im very tired and i also get weird pains in my back just beside my hip (feels like a stitch), do theses sound like signs of pregnancy and am i to early to be experiencing these symptoms? im planning on taking a test on christmas eve, 4 days before my period is due, because i cant w8 any longer, i need to know. and all iv eaten for the past 2 weeks is tuna and mayo everysingle day (dont know why:S) but apparently that could be bad for the baby if i am pregnant? oh and i have loast w8 but my strech marks on my legs that were already there have gone so red its untrue.

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testing four days early may not give you the best result.

Your symptoms could be a bug or it could the body's reaction to the natural increase of progesterone in your luteal phase... which would be different if you just stopped your birth control.  Your body needs the time to adjust working off its own hormones rather than articfical ones.  For some this adjustment is immediate and for others it can take six months to a year.  

Only time will tell though

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