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Am I facing ectopic pregnancy?

Posted by swarna G

I did DNC during my first pregnancy because that time my family was not in position to bare a child. This happened one year before and it was an ordinary pregnancy. Now my periods is missed for 4 days and I have no sysptoms of getting my periods. Also I didnt feel any symptoms of pregnacy (breast swelling etc.). Only thing I feel is tieredness to the extreme. I did a home pregnancy test and the result is negative. My husband is going abroad now. Am not in position to carry a child now also. Am I facing  ectopic pregnancy? If it is  ectopic pregnancy, then cna't I diagnose it using home pregnancy testing strip? Requesting for reply as soon as possible.
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The only way to even confirm an etopic pregnancy is at the hospital.  A home pregnancy test will only tell you if there is hCG in your system.

A blood serum (aka beta) test can hint at an etopic based on how the numbers rise.


So all I can tell ya now is if you are worried about it to make an appointment with your GYN and request beta test. 

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