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All About Frozen Embryos

Posted Dec 27 2009 1:00am

Embri and remaining sperm

Although Infertility Answers has some of the information below located on our site...Miracles Waiting has much more to offer. Click on any of the links below to visit their website. 


How are embryos created during an In Vitro Fertilization cycle?
At what stage are embryos frozen?
What is an oocyte?  Is it the same as a gamete?
What is the difference between an embryo and a pre-embryo?
What is a 2PN embryo?
What is a Zygote?  What are Blastomeres?
What is a Morula?
What is a Blastocyst?
How does implantation occur?
What is assisted hatching?
Is it better to transfer 8-cell embryos or blastocysts?
How are embryos frozen and stored after an IVF cycle?
How long does it take for embryos to thaw?
How does the thawing process work?
Will all the embryos survive the thaw?
How long after they are thawed are embryos transferred?
How long can embryos be frozen and still be viable?
Will frozen embryos be as likely to produce a pregnancy as fresh embryos after they are thawed?
Can embryos be frozen more than once?
What are the factors thought to affect embryo quality?
How are embryos graded?
What is “normal development” for an embryo at the time of transfer?
What is PGD?
Is it possible to have genetic tests performed on embryos that have been frozen?
Is it possible to tell the gender of an embryo?
What is the typical success rate with frozen embryo transfer?
When do embryos implant in the uterus?
What are the symptoms of implantation?
How soon can I take a pregnancy test?
What factors can be used to assess the likelihood that an FET will be successful?
Are children born from frozen embryos normal?

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