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Aligning Body & Mind to Make Room for Baby

Posted Aug 01 2012 1:10pm
Mind Body Baby

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Last week, just before I left for a brief mini-vacation this past weekend, I got a call from my clinic. They’ve given us a treatment plan and schedule.

I’m to continue taking my Estrace and Provera pills through the end of August. I should hopefully bleed just after Labor Day weekend, most likely as we’re headed on our way back from a wedding in New York. The following week, my friend begins taking her egg donor medication. We’re shooting for egg retrieval on the weekend of September 22nd with an embryo transfer potentially around September 25th. (For those of you playing at home, we could very well have embryo transfer on Yom Kippur .)

Today is August 1st. It’s do or die time to get myself – my mind, my body – my spirit – baby-ready.

. . .

It helped that I got to see my friend this weekend. She’s looking good, feeling well and more than on top of and ready for the challenge of being our egg donor. After the battle I’ve been having between my thyroid and my depression , seeing her was the kick in the ass I needed to really set my sights on the path ahead of us.

There’s a lot I have to work on. I’m still well over my goal weight, by about 15 pounds. I’ve let my diet go to crap – I’ve been existing almost exclusively on comfort foods for the past two months. And I stopped going to the gym a while ago, and my body has certainly felt the change, slumping back into a series of daily aches and pains.

I’ve got about 8 weeks to get myself back on track. This may very well shape up to be the toughest, most disciplined 8 weeks of my life.

. . .

It’s ambitious, but it’s necessary. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to give it not just 110% – I’m giving it everything I have. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching the Olympics all week, but I’m caught up in the spirit to do the best that I can for myself – and ultimately, for our family.

1. Stop eating junk.

Like, seriously. I probably eat more pizza per capita than the country of Italy. That needs to stop. I’m using SparkPeople to record what and how much I eat each day. Ultimately, I want to put good things in my body and leave the bad stuff out. And maybe losing a little more weight before I ultimately gain baby weight would be a bonus. Hello whole grains, fruits and veggies. Goodbye (most) processed foods.

Kiss the caffeine goodbye.

This is a hard one. I am a diehard caffeine addict. Right now, I’m going on 43 hours without caffeine. I’ve been tapering since last week. Between the estrogen pills and caffeine withdrawal, I’m trying to temper the migraines as much as possible. I’ve decided that when the caffeine migraine roars, I satiate it with just a little bit, maybe half a Diet Coke or a small iced coffee. But then no more. So far, I’ve managed to progressively add another 12-15 hours to each break between caffeine hits. My biggest gripe is that a) I hate drinking water and b) I’m forced to make less healthy choices as a result. I don’t want to drink juice or regular, non-caffeinated sodas all the time because hello sugar. I just don’t need all that sugar. It’s a tough call sometimes.

Kiss 99% of the delicious foods I love goodbye (for the next year).

Sushi. Smoked fish. Soft cheeses. Alcohol. I’m struggling with this one. In fact, I have a whole other post I’ve been working on that’s my farewell to some of my favorite foods for the next year.

Start training for the pregnancy marathon.

I’m doing Couch to 5K (c25k) again. For reals this time . I’m also investing in looking for some prenatal yoga DVDs. While I may not be pregnant yet, there’s no reason I can’t balance out c25k with some gentler yoga that ultimately preps my body for labor and birth down the road. (Anything that opens up that pelvic bowl, amirite?) The point of this is to a) finally finish that damn c25k program for real and b) to set my body into a pattern of gentle fitness so that come time to carry around our child(ren), I’m not huffing and puffing all the damn time.

Calm down the mind.

I’ve been listening to Circle+Bloom’s Energy for Empowerment and Donor Egg Cycle for the Hopeful Parent mind/body programs. They are amazing and honestly, the only thing keeping me somewhat sane as we head into our first fertility treatment cycle. I’ll be writing a fuller review of both programs in the coming weeks.

Is this ambitious? Yes. Is it doable? Of course. Is it necessary?


Because at the end of the day, I have to remember why I’m doing this – and this is my sole intention, my motivation – my mantra – for all of these changes in my life:

I’m doing all of this to be a sacred, fertile vessel for my future children.

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