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age 3

Posted Aug 13 2013 11:52am

age of 3 is so FUN! 
from playing pretend to ALWAYS TALKINGto the one moment he is so sad or MADand MOMENTS LATERhe is hugging and kissing medisciplining is not fun sitting in the "think about it chair" is not FUN at ALL to a three year old but he needs to know that there are rules that he MUST FOLLOW and the MANY moments that he is running outside or inside naked this usually happens after he goes potty I am thankful that he is completely potty trained, but keeping up with that naked boy sometimes can be exhausting...ha!
Or the MANY times he asks me if it is his birthday and can he have a Pirate Party.  He also goes into details of his party.  He likes birthday parties.  
Boys at three are busy!  
one of my favorite things each and every day is hearing the words that come out of Grayson's mouth... he is too funny!Here are a few things that we hear all the time:After LaterIt is my FAVORITE thingI need toIt hurts meThat makes me sadYour not my friend anymoreBecause I need to WHY? - I hear this about 100 times a day...That's my favorite part...That makes me happyIt is my Job - he gets this because I tell him it is my job to work each day when he goes to school so now he goes around telling me it is his Job for example last week it was his job to be Iron Man  Is it an Erica Day? - Ms. Erica is a teacher at school and he LOVES her and asks me EVERYDAY if it is an Erica DayDaddy what are you doing here Did you hear that and than he puts his hand up to his earI want to make a pallet - this is when he wants to take ALL of the pillows of the couch and lay them on the ground to lay on and watch cartoons
He has been talking a lot about when he grows up... last night this was our conversation

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