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After being told that I have a blighted ovum, can a baby still form weeks later and be ok?

Posted by kristing

I'm supposed to be 7 weeks preg. today. I had an ultra sound that they told me that I have a blighted ovum and to come back next week to check me out again to see if things are the same. Is there a chance a baby sould still appear in the sac and be ok?
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hello kristing, we have the same situation.  I am 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant yesterday and have my check up same result as yours. It's a sad thing to know that we have to accept it.  From the very beginning before we saw in the HPT that we are pregnant it was already established that the there was a chromosomes abnormalities that cause the embryo not to develope.  But good thing is we can still have a successful pregnancy hopefully after the failed pregnancy.  Just keep it up and trust the Giver of Life.  In His TIme.  Let us be strong! God bless us.
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