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After a left tube pregancy and right damaged, should the right tube be removed for a better chance IVF

Posted by Maria

My husband and I have been tring to get pregnant for about 5yrs. I had a left fallopian tube pregnanice about 10yrs ago. I had no info on this, so We keeped going to doctors and they keeped saying take folic acid, use ouvulation kit. We tried that for a year. finally i asked to see my GYN. When we saw her we did sperm count, and i did tube ultrosound. Come back that best to see a IVF doctor. WE have been seeing a IVF doctor, her answer was that my left tube is useless, For better chance for IVF to work is to remove that left tube. Don't have to. So here I am not sure which option to take. Try with the damaged tube or remove then do IVF. I don't like the idea of surgy. If anyone is going or went through something like this. Let me know...

Thank you for reading throught this


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