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Posted Oct 14 2009 10:02pm
As the title subtly hints to, J and I have been experiencing some pretty big adjustments over the last week. I know you are thinking, "Well of course you are, you are pregnant!"

Some of these have been adjustments we knew were coming and others we were surprised at how soon they have arrived.

I want to start out by letting y'all know that I had to call my doctor after a freak-out on my end. After an extremely busy weekend which had me walking A LOT and in high heels, I had a significant change in my discharge. I have been having, at least by what I have read, normal pregnancy discharge, but Sunday morning I woke up to wet panties. Talk about freak me out. There was no blood but the consistency was like water. That happened ALL morning and showed signs of letting up late afternoon. I know that knowing too much is a bad thing, but I immediately assumed the worst and thought I was leaking amniotic fluid. Since it let up though, I decided to have a wait-and-see approach. Well Monday was the same way. It is terrible to have the wet panties feeling. I call the nurse and I tell her. She thinks that it was due to all of my activity that weekend. That my body heat will increase; therefore, changing the consistency of my discharge. Well fine, I wasn't completely satisfied, but they do know a whole lot more than I do!!!

Oh then I had to ask her about Swine Flu symptoms. Why you ask? Because we get a call Saturday morning saying that someone I had hung out with on Friday at a wedding was diagnosed SATURDAY morning with the Swine Flu. WTF?!?!?! Seriously, I have done as much as I can with sanitary hand wipes, washing my hands, staying out of the general public as much as possible, etc. So frustrating, so now J thinks he has the flu (does anyone else have a hypochondriac of a husband ) he heard the symptoms and now he has like 3 of them!!! I so hope he is not sick.

Well Monday afternoon I took a nap, when I woke up, I hopped into the shower. I noticed at this time that the little baby bump that was starting to develop right above my ectopic pregnancy scar was GONE. Just to prove to myself that I hadn't lost my mind, I put on pre -pregnancy jeans, zipped and buttoned them. Yes, I have NOT BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS. I freaked. I called J in a ball of hysterics and wouldn't you know it, he doesn't have his phone on him. I obsessively call 7 times before he picks up. I am now sobbing hysterically, and he heads straight home. I call the nurse back and leave a message for her. I start with all the crazy thoughts - If it were amniotic fluid would my baby bump be gone??

Well wouldn't you know it, I get no call that night. I was not happy AT ALL, but I called first thing in the morning. I ask to come in because I was not handling this well. They set an appointment for 2:15pm.

After the most excruciating wait, we get to our appointment and we are taken straight back to the ultrasound room. The ultrasound tech was GREAT! I told her that I was concerned about the fluid so she knew before what I wanted questions on.

Immediately the baby's bottom pops up!! J swears he saw the goods, but I wasn't so sure. She moved the wand all around and we were able to look at our baby from all angles. It's amazing how much the little one looks like a REAL BABY. It was moving and dancing (will probably be a hand full once it gets here)!!!! We watched the heart beat (150 BPM ) and counted all 4 chambers of the heart - YAY!!! Then the tech asked if we wanted to know the sex?

What? I am not prepared to know the sex. I know I mentioned it in the last post, BUT I really thought we wouldn't know anything until the NEXT visit at 18 weeks. I mean I am only at 14 weeks. What if she tells me the wrong sex? I had wanted to write posts leading up to the big announcement about what our predictions were, BUT now she was asking me if I wanted to know right then!!

Well I will start out with what we have been thinking the baby is.
  • My MIL did the whole pencil swinging with thread deal, and it told me that I would have a girl, boy, girl, boy. We weren't thinking about having 4 kids (maybe 3), but the pencil has been 100% accurate with everyone she's tested. The pencil does not lie!!! GIRL

  • My mom was REALLY sick with me but not sick at all with my brother. Since I have been unbelievably sick - GIRL

  • I have had one really vague dream. When I woke up I had a girl feeling - GIRL

  • J and I have been referring subconsciously to the baby in conversations as "HE/HIM" -BOY

  • When we first found out we were pregnant (like 5 weeks along) both moms had strong Boy vibes -BOY

I'd say all in all we were all thinking frills and lace.

WE WERE.......

WRONG!!!! We are having a BABY BOY!!!!

I looked over at J when she told us and he was tearing up! It had to have been the sweetest moment the two of us have ever shared. It still hasn't hit us! I am having to adjust to thinking a whole new way. No more dresses and bows! Our parents are so excited! My mom went out last night and bought him a ball!! 100% sure it's a boy - the doctor and tech were both amazed that we were able to see it so early. So J has called his friends and told them how well endowed his son is!!

We have also slightly adjusted our due date. It has been moved up to April 10, 2010 (4 days earlier)! Baby is measuring at 15 weeks 4 days (instead of 14 weeks 5 days), but we are reasoning that is because J and I are both tall. He's 6'2" and I am 5'7" and they measured his little femur bone to determine how far along he was!!

Whew, what a visit! Baby Boy is healthy and we are so over-the-moon!!!

One last picture of him hamming it up for the camera!!!

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