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adjusting to life as it is now

Posted Apr 06 2014 10:44pm
so much changed so quickly, G's job, new house, baby in Nicu for 8 weeks and now home with everything. It's going really really well. I thought I'd hate G new shift but I don't, I knew I'd love the house! I just haven't had much time to do anything yet. I need to paint, hang pics etc. They didn't leave any touch up paint so I don't want to hang anything until I paint. No point doing everything twice. I will likely get some opinion from ya'll on my living room. It's red. I'm not a red fan.

baby G is doing great, still on oxygen which means I don't venture out alone much. Alana plus an infant plus a 10 pound oxygen tank on my shoulder, with purse phone and keys. Nooooooooooo. Not happening. Though I'm getting claustrophobic so it's gonna happen soon. Tomorrow is the Dr appointment that may make going out easier. It's the pulmonologist. He makes oxygen call. The cardiologist said his echo was "perfect" two weeks ago. He said when G left the nicu lung pressure was 45, with 17 being the pefect pressure. Well he was at 17 two weeks ago for the echo. I was thrilled. I'm going to be devastated if pulmonologist doesn't let us start weaning tomorrow. baby G HATES the oxygen, he's like Houdini with getting it off himself. It's crazy. Prayers please?

Alana is doing great. A wonderful big sister. She is not jealous AT ALL. I'm so proud of her. She was SO READY to have a sibling. She just loves her baby brother!! She helps me change his diaper. Brings me bottles and hold his hand during his bath. She's fabulous. :)
After Mass

loving on her baby brother before bed

At his baptisim

Daddy with his babies, during family rosary

Father, Godparents, our little family of four and Grandparents after the Baptism.
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