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Actual Hotel Information Card

Posted Nov 18 2013 4:54am

When stepping by along corridors all over the hotel, you will notice that some lights turn on automatically. According to our saving measures -- master switch sensors equipment -- we will necessarily save some energy.

When getting inside the room, please introduce your key card in order to turn on the lights and get it back whenever leaving the room or when you have no more need of it.

In the bathroom, if you want to save water, you can stop the flow just by pressing the top of the button.

All bath towels are changed daily after being used. Anyway, we want you to know that this procedure can be changed if you find it unnecessary which means detergent, water and energy consumes. For this specific reason there is the chance of being changed whenever you want it. Please read the instruction we have close to the lavatory carefully.

In this hotel we do separate all the waste and we guarantee the right address for it, according to the country determinations. If you wish to help us in this job, please consider that paper, glass, cans, plastic and metal are carefully separated to the right areas following our Waste Management procedures.

Your collaboration will be important for us and for the environment!

The commitment of our guests, with the aim of implementing our best environment practices will improve for a best environment consciousness.
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