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Actress Sadie Frost Opens Up About Her Postpartum Depression in New Memoir

Posted Aug 17 2010 9:26pm
Sadie Frost's memoir, "Crazy Days," will hit stores next month, so sneak peeks of the book are starting to hit the wires. The memoir delves into Frost's experience with postpartum depression over several years during her marriage to actor Jude Law.

Sadly, Frost experienced PPD twice, following the births of her second and third children. Not only did she suffer a breakdown and at one point had to stay in a psychiatric ward, her disorder was apparently the cause for the unraveling of her marriage. One night she actually slashed her arm with a pair of scissors. Her description of how emotionally detached and empty she felt while cutting herself is creepy, but sadly familiar to many women who have suffered from PPD.

The Daily Mail recently came out with a lengthy article that includes an excerpt from Frost's memoir, and I believe that much of her story will ring true with any woman who has suffered from a postpartum mood disorder.

The article closes with these pearls of wisdom from Frost: "I've realised, as a woman and a mother, that depression is not something we like to admit to. The stigma remains: as a mother you are supposed to cope and not admit defeat. What saved me was being able to ask for help and to accept it. It was the best thing to do because as soon as I did, recovery was swift.

To come through and out the other end, into the light, you have to experience pain. Yes, there are moments of loneliness but I now have a routine and rhythm to my life that I didn't have before.

Every morning I wake with my four children. We have at least seven cups of tea during the day and at night we have cups of cocoa and cuddles. Glamorous it ain't, but it's real life, and I'm happy."

The good news is that Frost survived her ordeal and it sounds like she's the better for it, with four children and, now, a healthy and happy life.

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