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A Whalloping Dose of TMI

Posted Sep 14 2010 6:14am
This was an infertility/TTC blog, morphed into a pregnancy blog, and for gosh sake, I even blogged about my post c-section constipation . Obviously, the line of what to share and what not to share is very blurry with me.
So if I say that what I am about to talk about might be TMI, then you might want to just stop reading.

You've been warned. . .

Okay, still here? Good, because I need some advice.

I have a problem with my girly bits. They feel all "burny." I don't think it's a yeast infection because I've had those before and this is nothing like a yeast infection. There is no itch and no white discharge. It's just a burn. I also do not think it's a urinary tract infection as I have had a ton of those. This burning feels lower, more in the external areas than in the bladder/urethra area. I also don't have any increased urge or frequency.

The other symptom is that I am spotting. It's kind of like the first day of my period spotting, which for those of you who aren't me and might need more of a reference than that, means that I need a pantyliner but not a pad and it's mostly brownish but a bit of red thrown in for good measure.

With Will, I didn't get my period for seven months post partum and everything I am reading suggests the time interval should be about the same in subsequent pregnancies. It also has been going on for four days now, which means that if it is my period, it's freakishly light.

Dr. Google has yielded a diagnosis of vaginitis , but a lot of the symptoms don't match. Additional way TMI is that there is no discharge (except the bleeding) and nothing "smelly" going on. Just the burning (have I mentioned the burning?) and the light bleeding. No cramping or anything else. I don't have a fever.
So, what do you think?
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