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a slave to the schedule

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:01pm

When my first child was born, I became a slave to the schedule....feedings, naps, playdates and what not. My son from the very beginning necessitated a very firm schedule. Perhaps it's because I am a bit like that as well or perhaps it just because he is who is. Then #2 arrived. Her schedule was driven by the toddler's. But as all Baby Bunchers know our day is dictated by the clock and balancing it out with two or more is tricky.  

I was certain that once my kids got older being driven by the clock would cease, but really it's just only driven me to insanity lately! With kids ages 5 and 4, our lives are still run by a schedule and that schedule is kicking my tired ass. Who thought kindergarten could complicate things? In my mind, school meant things would be less crazy...and in some ways they are. 1) My kids aren't with me all day (which means we all get a break and I actually can go to the store without them). 2) My kids are exhausted at the end of a day with no napping that it makes 7:30 look really happy (happy hour, that is!)

The major issue right now is that both my kids are half-day. Even the  kindergarten in my neighborhood is half day (three hours) and I lobbied BIG time to get the morning so at least everyone was in school at the same time. The problem: pick up and drop off times. My son is due at school 20 minutes before my daughter but his school is across the street from hers. So most mornings, my husband manages to drop my son off at school on his way to work and I only have my daughter to deal with. Unless it's like this week when he's out of town. I have between 20-30 minutes to kill between one drop off and the next. While for many people this wouldn't be a problem with books to read, pages to color, etc. my daughter cannot wait to get to school and spends 30 minutes asking 'how much longer?'

Once I get everyone off to school, I have three hours to work my part time job from home. Unless it's Monday then I only have 2 hours because kindergarten gets out early on Monday. Yup. Isn't that fun? Then I dash to pick up my daughter at school (10 minutes early so I have enough time to pick up my son who ironically gets out of school at the EXACT SAME TIME.) Then I dash home because I let him take the bus home. Why? Because the bus gives me an extra 5 minute window to get home to get him in time. Yikes!

Since my son is in morning kindergarten, I wanted to give him the opportunity to do a few after school actvities. This is one of the bonuses to half day. So we go from swim to gymnastics to sports--depending on the day.

Oh, I get it...this is all totally and completely my own doing. If I was my husband, he would have just brought the kids home and let them wander for the next seven hours being kids. I get that. My kids do spend a great deal of time outside wandering and making their own fun (or trouble). But my plan was the structured activities in the afternoon would provide us with some kind of, well structure. Only now my plan has bit me in the butt.

Apparently, after all these years of being forced to stay in for naps I have been driven myself to the other side of pure-Type A mom madness!  

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