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A Perfectly Spooky Moment Monday

Posted Oct 29 2012 11:19am

Before I get into this morning’s Perfect Moment Monday post: to all those in the path of Hurricane Sandy, stay safe. If you get the orders to get out, get out. This lady is not to be trifled with. Seeing pictures of an already flooded Atlantic City, a childhood haunt of mine, has been really distressing, along with whole boards from the Boardwalk floating inland… and she hasn’t even made landfall yet. Salem, MA is already feeling the brunt of some gusty winds this morning but we’re doin’ alright so far. Seriously: be safe, folks.

Halloween is kind of a big deal where I live. Salem, Massachusetts is dubbed the Halloween Capitol of the World… and they aren’t kidding.

For the last three years, I’ve gone to Salem’s Annual Psychic Fair. A dozen or so of Salem’s best psychics gather in our (sad little) mall and nearly every day in October, they offer 18 and 30 minute readings to all who are interested, for a reasonable price. The last two have been pretty intense readings, but a lot of vagueness without a whole lot of specifics.

Um, until this past Saturday.

I sat down with my psychic and shook her hand. I said a polite hello and my name.

“What type of reading are you looking for today?” she asked.

“I’m open to energy work,” I began. “But really, I’m just looking to get a snapshot of how things are right now and what the forecast for the next year looks like.”

She handed me a deck of Tarot cards to shuffle as I focused my energy on them.

“While you shuffle, I’m just going to channel my spirit guides. Sound good?” she said before closing her eyes and lowering her head.

“Sure!” I shuffled the worn navy-blue backed cards three times, cutting them once and placing them in front of me. We never did get to the cards.

She opened her eyes and looked right at me. “You’re grandmother’s here,” she said, smiling.


“Yes… your mother’s mother, right?”

I felt the hair stand up on my neck.

“Um, yes. That’s right.”

“Your grandmother is around you a lot,” she went on. “And she’s going like this…” The psychic began making a cradling rocking motion with her arms, like rocking a baby.

“Who’s pregnant?”

I felt the color drain from my face.

“Um… I am,” I volunteered. Prior to this moment, neither she nor I had ever met.

“Congratulations!” she smiled. “Your grandmother is very happy for you. She knows how badly you wanted this baby.”

Cue: my rapt attention.

The psychic proceeds to tell me about how my grandmother lived a long life, a fierce woman who fought for everything she ever wanted. She mentioned how my grandmother was the mother to 7 children and even managed to divine that my Granny was a seamstress . At one point, she began touching the side of her head.

“She had a stroke, didn’t she,” she said.

Spot on again.

“She’s mentioning a wedding dress… who just got married?”

“My aunt… last weekend.”

“She’s very happy for her and for that union,” she said brightly.

What she said next nearly knocked me out of my chair.

“June 20th – does that date mean anything to you?”

“That’s my due date,” I said quietly.

“Oh okay. Well, your grandmother says you’ll go a few days past it, so don’t worry. Also, she says she can’t wait for you to meet your son.”

Our time was up. I thanked her profusely and walked out of there in a daze.

Definitely the spookiest thing I’ve ever had happen to me in a good long while.

To make matters spookier?

Coming home to this:

This was over my house.

What you’re looking at is an atmospheric phenomenon where sunlight passes through ice crystals in cirrus clouds. While not terribly uncommon, it is rare to see such a display at latitudes this far south of the arctic.

For the nerds playing along with me at home: the top bow is a . Below it is a . Below that is a and the weird W looking thing is an and below THAT is a . Not captured in this shot: a very faint around the whole thing. It was spectacular, beautiful and eerie.

Also? Just as psychic as the lady I saw this weekend. These halos and arcs are harbingers of bad weather.

Stay safe, folks.

. . .

This post is part of at Write Mind, Open Heart. Check out all the other Perfect Moments over at Lori’s place and add your own .

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