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A peak into Canadian Surrogacy

Posted May 23 2009 10:14pm


A peak into Canadian Surrogacy: Note in this article that although Canadian surrogates can not be compensated, their "expenses" can be reimbursed up to $15,000.  



'I am blessed, I will never complain'

Molly Elizabeth Levay is Rob and Vanessa's biological daughter -conceived from one of 24 eggs harvested after Vanessa underwent a six-week course of fertility treatments.

Of the 24 eggs that were harvested, 16 matured, 12 were successfully fertilized, and six were deemed to be "Grade Aembryos." Two were implanted in Andrea's womb, and one - Molly -survived.

"Finding out that Andrea was pregnant, and yes, it did take, we were in tears," said Betsy Fleming, Vanessa's mother, who had assumed she would never be a grandmother. "There was no way to describe the feeling."

DNA testing at birth showed Molly is 100 per cent Rob and Vanessa's genetic offspring. There are still four more frozen embryos "just in case, because you never know," said Vanessa, but Andrea said she's not doing it again and Vanessa says she's overjoyed with one. "I am blessed, I will never complain."

The fertility services, paid for by Rob and Vanessa, were provided by ReproMed Inc. in Etobicoke. Prenatal care was provided by the midwives of Niagara Midwifery Practice and the ceasarean birth was performed by Dr. Nwachukwu Nwebube.

Canadian law prevents the Levays from paying Andrea for her services. They are allowed to cover her expenses, to a limit of $15,000.

Canadian Surrogacy Options says surrogacy expenses typically reach $40,000, including $25,000 for fertility drugs, DNA testing, legal fees and CSO fees, and up to $15,000 in allowable expenses for the surrogate. Allowable expenses can include compensation for time missed from work, child care, mileage and clothing.

Andrea went home from the hospital a day after the surgery and recovered for a week at home, cared for by Michael, who said the C-section recovery was easier this time because there was no baby to care for.

Andrea gets 17 weeks maternity leave, Vanessa gets 35 weeks parental leave.

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