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A night out with baby.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Last night we went to our friends K&S's place for a BBQ - it was a birthday event and we were supposed to be there at 4:30ish. So we started getting ready at 4pm - lots of time, they only live 5 minutes from us. We were on track, baby was dressed, fed, diaper bag packed, Quincy on his leash, Adam and I all ready - it was 4:20pm.

Then all hell broke loose. Addie decided this was the perfect time for the biggest crap of her life - seriously folks, it went all the way up her back. It required a team effort approach, with Adam holding her legs in the air and me armed with almost an entire package of wipes. There was poop EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. And the diaper genie ran out of bag space as I was stuffing the poop-filled diaper down it so then I had to wash the top of the genie - so gross.

Finally we got her cleaned up, in a new outfit, and then as we're heading down the stairs, she barfs all over me (and herself.) Up we go for another outfit change and my shirt goes in the dryer with a bounce sheet - I now smell like sour milk at all times so there's no point in getting another shirt dirty. A bounce sheet works wonders on baby spit up : )

We head downstairs, all fresh and relatively clean (did I mention I had given her a bath not 30 minutes before the monstrous poop and barf?), and Adam gets Addie in the car seat. It's a miracle - she isn't crying. He gets one side of the buckle done up and stops, looking perplexed. Somehow the whole other side was twisted up and needed an overhaul (a taking straps off kind of overhaul). He's trying to get Addie out of the car seat so he can fix it, but forgets to unbuckle her one side so he's yanking, she's stuck, and now she starts crying. We get her untangled, she's hanging over my shoulder, and yep, you guessed it, she barfs again. Arghh. Now it's got to be around 4:45pm and we're no where near ready to leave.

So as Adam fiddles with the car seat, up I go to change Addie for the third time in less than half an hour. I still smell like sour milk, mixed with bounce freshness, but decide that my friends will have to just deal with it. No changing for me.

We finally got out of there, about 30 minutes late, but we made it. Whew. It's hard work going somewhere with a baby - it takes twice as long and there are a million things to bring (I used to question the big diaper I get it!) like extra outfits, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, bottles, blanket, of course her bouncy chair so we could eat dinner...lots of "stuff." We no longer travel light.

But the BBQ was great, we had lots of fun, and Addie slept like a good girl while we ate dinner. Couldn't ask for anything more. And it was fun to see all the other kids there, ranging in age from 8months to 3+ years - we could view what we have in store over the next while. Lots of work and lots of fun. I will say though, that while the other parents were chasing their kids all over the place, it was nice to just sit back with our little one and be able to relax and enjoy the conversation. We won't have that for much longer!
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