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A night at the ballpark

Posted Jun 27 2006 12:00am

Tonight, my dad, Tara and I went to see the Twins beat the Dodgers 9-2. We had a great time -- my dad watching the game and Tara and I watching some and talking some. Seeing a game was one of Tara's "Rochester goals" so I was glad to help her accomplish that as she attended her third baseball game ever! That thought is quite foreign to two Huismans. Well, actually, that thought is foreign to any Huisman. Okay, sorry, before we get on another Huisman tirade, I will stop.

So Bara asked for a picture of me with my Dad. I should tell you that there is a good family picture at the link on the right: "Who we are", but for Bara's sake, I have also included a picture of my dad and me at the game tonight.

I will also include of one Tara and myself (a little lower in the entry so that only loyal readers get that far) despite the fact that it completely reminds me that I am no longer a Florida girl and couldn't be whiter if I TRIED! Oh to be young and tan again. Okay JB, yes I know. I was young and tan and as John reminds me, had a pre-melanoma removed when I was 20. So, okay, I'm okay being white if I live long. But couldn't I just, somehow have everything I want? Is that really too much to ask?

Oh and apparently, nagging is productive. Gabbi, brace yourself everyone, has posted on her blog! I know, I know. Amazing, huh? I'm very proud of you Gabbi. I have also heard rumors that Bara has returned from his quiet slumber as well. Speaking of Bara, he is COMING TO VISIT US in Rochester next month. We are all so excited to see him as are the Rays.
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