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A mixture of things...

Posted Nov 09 2009 10:02pm
This past week or so has gone by so fast. There are many things to say - I don't really know where to start... so I give you a bullet post.

  • Last weekend, we gave our very good friend a going away party. Our dear friend, Lisa, who we have known for six years, is moving to Oregon. If you live around Portland, be sure to look Lisa up. She is a great friend and probably one of the best people you'll ever meet.
  • I'm sick. It started in my throat, then moved to my chest and now lives in my head. It's the common cold. Thankfully I am not suffering from a fever, just your typical sneezing, coughing, stuffy head type of cold.
  • Last week I went to a job fair. Just when I thought it was a wasted trip, I went over to a booth for a local temp agency. While there, I learned they have a QA position open for a very well known company in the area. I expressed my interest, gave the nice lady my resume and went home to register with the agency. The temp agency called me the next day and told me she would forward my resume on to the hiring manager. Well... today, that nice lady from the temp agency called me to schedule an interview with the hiring manager! My interview is tomorrow at 4. Now I just have to figure out how to stop my nose from running while interviewing.
  • Last night, Holly and I were talking about possibly going to South Africa - Cape Town to be exact - for their gay pride next year. South Africa has never been on our list for sites to see before we die. But after chatting with Aneke and seeing pictures of Cape Town, we have decided to make a plan and see it. As long as I have a job and a steady income, the plan is to go on the trip! I'm actually excited about it!
  • Finally, I wanted to apologize to my followers and lurkers for not posting every day - like I used to. Since putting the baby plans on hold, it seems I have ran out of things to write about. I didn't realize how much baby making consumed our lives until we had to stop. This has been a good break but it is also a sad break. I actually miss taking my temperature every morning at 5:30 am. I miss peeing on sticks every month and over analyzing lines. I miss having something to look forward too at the end of a two week wait. But taking this time to get my life back in order... to get my relationship back in order.. is all worth it. Good things come to those who wait... right? Just look at RB from Baby Mac... where are you??. This couple has been trying to adopt for 16 months and finally they are holding a beautiful baby girl as I type this! Congrats to them! I know that will be us when the time is right. Everything does happen for a reason! It's hard to see the reason for the negative pregnancy tests and the miscarriage while you're dealing with them, but looking back on it now - I know.

Thank you so much for sticking around during my absence. I will really try to blog more often - even if it's a quick one liner about my day. Take care, All!

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