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A Meercat

Posted Aug 17 2011 12:21am
The boys have decided that they are varieties of cats at this point in their development. Isaac is a tiger. Elijah is "Ewijah Loop Kitsteiner Lion." They call Daddy and Mommy a leopard and cheetah respectively. So when asked what Abigail was, one of them came up with, "A ... Meercat!" Quite fitting I think for our little lady.


Isaac has a shirt with a grasshopper on it. We let the boys, each morning pick out their underwear and t-shirts and then we find a pair of shorts to match it. Yesterday, Isaac asked to wear his grassPOPPER shirt. In addition, Elijah has gone to calling snow-plows no-plows.


I asked JB to put Pandora on this morning. Pandora is an online music station that, while blocked outside of the USA, is open on Base! Thank you to the powers-that-be for making that possible. Elijah thought I said Dora however as in Dora the Explorer. He didn't seem impressed by Pandora after getting his hopes up like that.


I flipped on the TV just to check what was on Channel 10 -- the family channel. I'm trying to get used to the schedule after being in Germany for so long and the fact that they change the schedule so frequently. Elijah turned around, a beacon attached to him, I'm sure of it, that says the TV is on. When I told him there was nothing good on, he got upset, and I told him that later Diego would be coming on. "Not right now," I started, but a few hours from now, you can watch Diego." He turned to Isaac and said, "Isaac, we can watch Diego in two minutes." Such different perceptions of time! Minutes, hours, same thing.
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