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A little trip to Labour & Delivery today...

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
I'll just start out by saying all is fine: Jenna and baby girl Brown are back home, and doing a-ok.
Jenn basically got what we think was food poisoning yesterday/last night, and was throwing up all night and morning (SO not fun). Because dehydration can be an issue during pregnancy, the OB on call suggested she go in just to get checked out.

They hooked her up to the monitors, checked her cervix to make sure it was nice and tightly closed (it was), and had her hang out there for a bit just to observe baby girl Brown's heartrate (which was just fine). She was having mini contractions, but nothing consistent, which is apparently totally normal at this stage of the game and absolutely nothing to worry about (weird that you can be having contractions and not feel anything don't you think?)

So they gave her a shot of Gravol and she got to go home to recoup in bed. Luckily AC (aunt Cathy) and Uncle Graham had already planned to take the kids this morning, and then D'Arcy was home to take them to their afternoon parties (these kids have a fuller social calendar than we do!), so Jenn could just rest. I just talked to her and she's doing ok - thinks she's on the mend, but not a fun way to spend 24 hours for sure.

In other, less important, news, our basement is coming right along. We have carpet down! This is big. It actually feels like a room we could spend time in now. So all that's left is the door, the trim, touch ups where the carpet guys wrecked our freshly painted walls (arghhh), getting the Murphy bed set up, moving everything back downstairs...the list goes on. But we are definitely getting there - May will be the month of the nursery, and I can't wait to get started.

So that's it for now - please send Jenna all the good health vibes you can muster. Thanks!
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