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A Little Show and Some Tell

Posted Jun 06 2009 12:06am
Laneya: "I think the babies are a girl and a boy, and you should name them... Unicorn and Charlie!" Only in VEGAS BABY!

Mommy, we are sitting nicely, can we have a treat?

Hi Mommy, thanks for the new bones WE LOVE THEM!

Mom, can you please tell me how to get this ear down?

Now, that's a belly! 13w1d
Oh BTW I hate my camera! On Thanksgiving the flash went out on our old camera. So what do I do? Hop online with NO RESEARCH and buy a new Canon, which I assumed was fine, but was cheap. Regret... regret... regret! The camera sucks!!!!!!!!!! I want a new one so bad. We went to look at some over the weekend, but I can't bring myself to do it since I just spent $150 in November on one. Then the real questions come: How good of a camera do we want? If we get a good one with lenses and what not, then I have to learn to use it, and it won't fit in my purse. So what is a girl to do? I know I want a Canon, but this SD770IS is pootie! Seriously I have to correct the red eye on pretty much every photo I take and they all seem dark. My Vegas pictures are pure and utter crap! errrgghhh... and if I do get a new one, what do I do with this one? Maybe the settings are wrong, maybe it is a lemon. What should I buy? Should I stick it out? I will say the video quality is pretty good, and every once in awhile the photo quality is fantastic. Maybe I am just nuts. Yup that is it, I am hormonal and nutty and need to leave the poor camera alone, it is just doing its job.
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