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A little help from a friend, and a Rebozo

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:36pm

Life is slowing down and I am making good on my promise to share pictures from Nettie'sRebozo session.  A rebozo is similar to a shawl and is worn by women in Mexico.  It has many uses including carrying babies and as a tool to help baby get into a good position before or during labor. Check out thisvideo of using the rebozofrom Spinning Babies.  Here my friend Sonija is checking in with baby to feel her position.  The rebozo is the shawl folded up next to my belly.

A bit about my friend Sonija.  She is the senior doula and midwife birth assistant with Birthing Hands with extensive experience providing birthing services in the  United States and internationally. She just recently returned to Washington, DC from Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico where she also serve as a traditional midwife.  And she is an expert with the rebozo!

Below, Sonija is using the rebozo to shake my hips, coaxing Nettie into a better position (Matt, Khady and Fenimore are helping out).  

I WISH I had a picture of myself upside down with my legs slung over Sonija's shoulders, the final rebozo move and the one that did the trick. Nettie was hesitant to dislodge from her LOT (left occiput transverse), almost LOP (left occiput posterior) position!

Now I know many posterior babies come out just fine but I figure that if I can do something about position that results in a smoother labor, I'll do it!  For more information about optimal fetal position, visit Spinning Babies.

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