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A funny thing happened on the way to cycle…..

Posted Jun 24 2010 10:31pm

My mouth started to hurt on Wednesday.

It began to be sensitive to heat and cold. Fairly soon every shade in between would trigger the soreness within my mouth.

This wasn’t a new situation. My history of sinus issues meant I had maintained a close relationship with my friendly dentist. The last time I’d experienced a sudden build in mouth pain I’d had a panic and got myself to the dentist the very next day. I’d been delaying having sinus surgery for almost a decade. There had been previous evidence that there were sinuses draining into the roots of some teeth. On that occasion the dentist examined carefully, called for far too many x-rays a before finally announcing that there was nothing wrong with my teeth. I needed to look to my sinuses for the source of the pain. Within months the massive three nasal and sinus procedures would be performed. Recovery would be slow, but I was rewarded with the ability to breathe through my nose and far less infections and headaches.

So why was my mouth hurting now?

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